Being the industry leaders for fully automated or "unmanned" self storage facilities, it can be a change from what you’re used to. Just know we are still here to help when needed! As you arrive at the facilities you’ll notice there is typically no one on site. However, our Customer Care Team is available 71 hours each week for support over the phone or video calling.

We have a self-service kiosk inside the office at each location where you can do almost anything with your account, or move into a new unit if needed. Our kiosk has the option to submit a Work Order as well should you find an issue on site or with your unit!

Please note our standard turnaround time for Work Orders is approximately 3-5 business days, but we will always note the urgency and work as quickly as we can to resolve.

Our Maintenance Team will frequent the facility to ensure everything is kept clean and secure for our customers. We also have state-of-the-art surveillance systems monitoring each facility 24/7 - including facial recognition and license plate recognition. Our dedicated Management Teams will report any suspicious activity found through surveillance.

All units are equipped with a DaVinci lock upon move-in. However, if you are considering a secondary lock option (which we encourage for security), be sure to research locks that are industry standard and not simple locks.
It is important that the correct lock is used to deter theft.

Don’t share the key or combination with anyone that is not listed on your account for added security.

Gate codes are the first step to ensuring unwanted visitors are not able to access your unit. Choosing a code that is at least 5-digits in length, and are not repeated numbers or simple giveaways like your birth date.

Make sure your code is recorded in a safe place and is not given out to anyone who is not listed on your account.

We understand that time can be limited and it is not always realistic to visit your storage unit during standard office hours which is why our facility is open for access 24/7 - 365 days a year! However, as a new tenant it is always best practice to visit your unit for the first time during the times our Call Center is open to ensure everything is as expected.

Our Customer Care Team is available:

  • Monday–Friday: 8am EST to 9pm EST
  • Saturday–Sunday: 9am EST to 5pm EST

We hold a standard to answer all calls under one minute of calling in or being on hold. We care about our customers which is why we try to be available to you by phone 71 hours a week!

Please note we do observe most bank holidays but will be open the next day to assist as needed.

Choosing a location closest to you is always something to consider for ease of access to start with. But there are many different amenities available for different storage needs which should be considered.

Drive-Up units are best for easy access when unloading heavy items. Keep in mind that most drive-up units are not temperature controlled.

Temperature controlled (or in some cases Climate Controlled) units are typically indoors and may be on a second floor.

Lighting is an amenity for some units and/or covered parking spaces.

ADA will mark units that are wheelchair accessible.

Don’t be afraid to click around on the filters when searching to see what works best for you!

Selecting your unit size can be time consuming and a bit stressful as you want to make sure it’s the right size for storing everything you need.
A few things to consider when searching would be:

  • Compile a list of everything you plan to store inside the unit.
  • Having measurements of the larger or odd sized items will help.
  • Make a note of how much furniture and how many boxes may be stored.
Check out our Storage Space Calculator to help with an estimation built on the items you choose.
Keep in mind that you can use similar sized/shaped items with the calculator if you don’t see exactly what you need!

Filling your storage unit can sometimes feel like assembling a puzzle. Some items will fit just right and fill the space appropriately, while others may feel like placing a square peg in a round hole!
Here are some of our best practices:

  • Any furniture or items that can be disassembled should be considered to take up less space and avoid the possibility of getting damaged from other items falling.
  • Remove the batteries from electronic devices to avoid corrosion ruining your belongings.
  • If you’re storing appliances like a fridge, be sure to leave the door(s) open slightly to avoid build up inside.
  • Protect breakables and furniture finishes by keeping them wrapped and stored away from sharp or heavy objects.
  • Try not to overpack boxes with heavy items; spread out the heavier items across multiple boxes to make it easier to carry/store, and so the items don’t fall out.
  • Store as many items as you can in permanent storage containers instead of cardboard boxes to prevent any dust or unwanted items.
  • Label your items clearly to help you find them easier when on the hunt for something specific.
  • Utilize the storage underneath a table or above a fridge to maximize the space. Don’t forget you can stack items! (Just be careful to make it sturdy so there are no injuries.)
  • Start with larger and heavier items in the back and on the bottom
  • Store like-items together to locate them more easily
  • Leave yourself an aisle way so you can access all items instead of burying the good stuff!
  • Utilize freestanding plastic shelving to assist in the organization!

It is important to thoroughly read your lease agreement prior to moving in to know what you can and cannot store inside your unit. Rules and regulations are put in place for some items solely to protect you and other customers.
The following items which are not permitted inside a unit, but not limited to:

  • All flammable items (propane tanks, paint, chemicals, gasoline, etc)
  • Hazardous waste or materials, or anything combustible
  • Vehicles or Machinery that requires gasoline or flammable liquids
  • Perishable items of any kind (dog food, human food, waste, etc)
  • Drain all liquids from landscaping equipment before storing to ensure it is not containing flammable items
Be sure to refer to the lease agreement for all specifics, or contact us for more details if you aren’t sure. Also, it is always good to consider storing items on pallets for extra caution and utilize moisture packs for preventative measures.